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We Promote Learning Methodologies to Empower Minds

Khuaab Gaah is about teaching how to dream and giving people ambition to follow those, and using the experience of those who have outlined us through their journey to promote ART, LITERATURE and EDUCATE people about the importance of Reading and over coming issues through literature.


About Khuuab Gaah

We aim to relive the life of someone other than our own self to bring about a culture of empathy which is not achievable unless we understand perspectives – not our own but theirs. Without this the Dream to live in a conflict free world is going to just remain a dream – and die like that too..

 We want to educate the youth on how to reflect on experiences and promote this learning methodology to empower their minds. Give them the necessary tools to access parts of their hidden strengths to actualise something meaningful for themselves and the world

Khuaab Gaah

Upcoming Event in 2020

Khuaab Gaah Book Meetup: Exit West by Mohsin Hamid

4:00 PM to 6:30 pm
29th Feb 2020

Khuaab Gaah is bringing an Event on Exit West by Mohsin Hamid – a Modern Story about Migration and Connections.

The Story follows Nadia and Saeed on their quest to escape the horrors of a Civil unrest in their home country to Europe and then USA through a fictional plot. 

Explore how Worlds collide when International Travel becomes Visa Free in a world imagined by Mohsin Hamid as it should be and how does the Administration of Countries cope with this.

Event will be held at Sarrak Kinarey, DHA Phase 4, Lahore

Venue Partner

Khuaab Gaah
The Reading Club – A Concept

It’s a club of sort which has members but have a very particular type of relationship with each other. Just like any other club this one also has a purpose – to read books which the club assigns or the audience selects unanimously.

See What People Say About Us

It is a very good place for learning new things the readings and discussion of books are very informative.


Amir Butt

(Founder – CourseBook)

I have an experience of few minutes but the theme, the motto, the modus operandi and the concept are all alluring and enticing.

Naeem Khan

(Consul Gene)

Much needed initiative. Awesome team … highly recommended.

Dania K Shah

(Co-Founder Dankash)

Our Team

Fatima Kazmi
Fatima Kazmi

Manager Marketing

Bilal Siddiqui
Bilal Siddiqui

Co-Founder, CEO

Aitzaz Ahmed
Aitzaz Ahmed

Manager Outreach

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If you think that you can spend a good time with us and help us achieve our goal of world peace then I only have 5 words for you:

Welcome to the Club Mate!

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